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The Seachandipurbeach

Odisha is the ideal destination for a seaside vacation. It boasts around 480 km of coastline, From north to south, stretches of sandy beaches alternate with jagged shorelines and sheer cliffs that plunge into the sea - a land full of picturesque, fascinating seaside locations and islands with spectacular natural views that are well worth visiting. The wide variety of landscapes makes it possible to choose from different kinds of vacations, combining rest and entertainment, privacy and leisure. Odisha beaches are represented by vast stretches of golden sandy land, deep blue sea and pleasant weather. The beautiful sea side beaches of Orissa provide the tourists with a wonderful opportunity to experience the natural scenic beauty of the place. The sea beaches of the state draws several tourists from far and wide who are enthralled and enchanted by the captivating sight of the places. The tumultuous waves of Bay of Bengal coupled with the cool sea breeze make the beaches of Orissa an ideal place to spend some time with close family and friends. The sea side beaches of the state serve as the health resort for many tourists who visit the places to regain lost health and vigor. The state government of Orissa has taken steps to improve the tourism prospects of the sea beaches. The tourists can swim across the high waves of Bay of Bengal or enjoy sunbath on the sandy beaches of the sea side. Puri, Chandipur, Golpalpur and Talasari are some of the prominent beaches of the state that are always flocked by tourists.Apart from the above the following are the some of the beaches in odisha. Aryapalli, Balaramgadi, Balighai, Baliharachandi, Chandrabhaga, Paradeep, Ramchandi,Talasari.

The Mountainsmountains

In all its territorial variety, Odisha boasts a large number of beautiful and evocative mountain localities, ideal for visiting any time of year, whether summer or winter. From north to south , the odisha mountain scene offers tourists a range of landscapes: lakes, dams incredible forests, enchanting villages and borgoes rich in history, traditions and, of course, gastronomic pleasures. Numerous mountainous springs and hot springs gush down the mountains of Orissa. The Satpasajya, Harisankar, Chandikhole, Barunei, Badaghagara, Sanaghagara, Narayani, Nirmalajhar, Patalaganga and Nursinghanath are some of the noted hilly streams that flow through Odisha.Several cascading waterfalls tumble down through the steep mountain tops, the hills and the rocks and prettily adorn the landscape. The Barehipani, Sanaghagara, Badaghagara, Rabandhara, Dumduma and the Joranda are some of the eminent waterfalls.


Odisha has many lakes, renowned for their incomparable beauty and each is characterized by distinct features. The Chilika lake and the Ansupa Lake are the two renowned lakes that dots the odisha landscape. They have become ideal destinations for spending some time in the sun and in close contact with nature. Lakes are fully equipped and offer a range of accommodation facilities. A lakeside holiday also allows tourists to discover the surrounding areas, which are full of history and traditions. It also has the small area of Satpada which is a safe sanctuary for the lesser known and endangered Irrawaddy Dolphins.

Nature and Wildlifewildlife

Wildlife parks boasting untainted beauty offer an ideal setting for those who decide to spend their vacations in contact with nature. Tourists can enjoy an unforgettable experience exploring Odisha's rough and wild environment. There are many national parks well worth exploring.The Simlipal National Park has an area of 845.70 square kilometres (326.53 sq mi) and has some beautiful waterfalls like Joranda and Barehipani.The Similipal is a huge expanse of lush green forest inhabited by tigers, elephants, and other wildlife. Bhitarkanika National Park Is the second largest mangrove forest in the world.Bhitarkanika extends over 800 square km; a tangled web of forest covers half, the other a vast and complex network of estuarine waterways. The park is home to over 215 species of birds including winter migrants from Central Asia and Europe and a diverse range of wildlife, most notably the elusive saltwater crocodile (Estuarine Crocodile)and fragile Olive Ridley turtles. The majestic mangroves are best navigated by boat The Bhitarkanika Wildlife Sanctuary has been protecting many other protected areas, nature reserves, and marine parks.

Art & History{short description of image}

Odisha has been, since antiquity, the centre of history, culture and art. It is known as the land of rich and diverse artistic achievements. Applique works of Pipili is also known as patching cloth design and in local language this handicraft is known as 'Chandua'. PattaChitra is a miniature painting which is executed on a small strip of cotton cloth. Traditional painters in and around Puri practice this living art form. Cuttack also known as "Silver City" (25 kms from Bhubaneswar) is the haven for Silver filigree work. Perhaps the most popular item in Orissan handicrafts is the handloom saree. The traditional Ikkat sarees called as patan patola. These beautiful and eye catching saris are made within the state, mainly at Nuapatna, near Cuttack on the coastal plain, or in the weaving centers inland around Sambalpur, Bargarh and Sonepur and Boudh districts. A traditional figured sari from southern Odisha the Bomkai saree feature threadwork ornament borders and pallu. The Pasapalli saree with its distinctive black-and-white squares is a replica of the chessboard. Our museums, collections and archaeological sites reveal countless tokens of the past and the many civilizations that have passed across this state, evidence of which is still inextricably woven into the present day landscape.

Culture & Entertainmentart

The Odia culture is largely defined by the festivals and fairs of the state. The plethora of temples has brought about spiritual influences in the festivals life styles and culture of the state Odisha has a very opulent cultural heritage, one of the richest in India. The capital city of Bhubaneshwar is known for the exquisite temples that dot its landscape. The classical dance form Odissi originated in Odisha. Contemporary Odisha has a proud cultural heritage that arose due to the intermingling of three great religious traditions –Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism. The culture of the Adivasis is an integral part of modern Oriya heritage. During some of the festivals the state becomes a major attraction for people all over India and abroad. The prime festival of the state is Rath Yatra when the deities of Jaggannth temple are taken for tour outside in their special chariots. Dhanu Yatra is another festival which marks the visit of Lord Krishna in Mathura.

Way to Travelyathyatra

Infinite are the itineraries and tours that allow visitors to explore Odisha, a unique and singular state known around the world for the variety of its landscapes and terrains – a country in perfect equilibrium between the sea, mountains, hills and plains. Whether in car, train, bus, boat, scooter or bike, travelers can leave the typical touristic routes and visit the less-frequented towns and villages to find the true heart of the Odisha lifestyle. Let your curiosity be your guide! Its lush green countryside and fertile plains, tiny hamlets fringed with palm, coconut trees and mango groves offer the charm of rural beauty while the urban pockets, the four cities in particular, with the brilliance of modern technology provide the amenities necessary for a comfortable stay.

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